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an herbal remedy review

Last week I attended my eighth and probably my final herbal remedy party for the season. Not only am I thankful God blessed us with the extra income while we were in limbo between unemployment and the first paycheck, but I am also very excited to report that not only has customer feedback back simply positive, but a couple of my remedies have far surpassed my hopes in their design.

Like I tell my customers, I have no further education in herbal medicine – everything I have learned has been through countless hours of research and experimenting on my family. The trouble is, experimenting on one’s family takes a long time to learn the effectiveness of a time-old remedy’s use in today’s world of over-the-counter meds. So it is very exciting to see volunteers come forward, use my remedies, and give amazing feedback.

This is not a sales pitch, but I do want to tell you about these wonderful herbs because God deserves the credit for designing them.

Many of you know that for a couple of years I have been making a diaper rash cream out of comfrey. I’ve been giving this salve away to friends with babies, and confirmed that it wasn’t just my baby’s bums it could heal (because sometimes I really do wonder if I’m just imagining the miracles this salve works), but that it really is a great alternative to store-bought creams.

This year I added a new salve to my line of products, using not only comfrey, but several othe herbs: Calendula, chamomile, yarrow, lavender, rosemary, valerian, lemon balm, thyme, and echinacea.

My hope was that this remedy could be used to treat minor wounds and replace the need for antibiotic ointment. Then Papa discovered that both salves removed pain from his elbow joints, and I was amazed to discover that the first aid salve was able to remove both joint and nerve pain from my hip (thank you pregnancy!). This really is a universal first aid product!

The second most popular remedy among my customers was the clear mind tincture, which I made from basil, oregano, lemon balm, chamomile, and valerian. This remedy was made for treating various nerve-related symptoms such as insomnia, stress, indigestion, and depression. Some of the herbs have been used historically for increasing memory and energy, but while I did say that was a potential benefit, I was excited to see that it was a quick responding treatment for memory problems! The most incredible story yet came from a customer whose son has tourette syndrome. His meds were not really helping with the tics, so she got permission from his doctor to add my clear mind tincture to his morning routine, and right away the tics were dramatically reduced!

Next year I want to work on new ideas I have, such as a cold and flu treatment for young kids, and comfrey ice pack kits, but with a new baby on the way and sleepless nights ahead, I may instead be devoting much of my herbal time to drying and combining teas. We’ll see. I am happy with how the parties went, and I still hope to start a business in the next couple years, but for now I’ll use the remedies I have and encourage family and friends to use herbs for medicine. They really work!

(if you are a family or friend of mine, I do still have TONS of salves and some tinctures available for sale, email me if you are interested!)

Hodge Podge

Breath. Just breath.

I just spent 20 minutes uploading pictures and writing half this post, only for the page to freeze and the whole thing to be deleted. So do I finish it now and let the kids stay in bed longer or save it for later? (sigh) I guess it’s only 20 minutes right? Let’s try again.

I could spend this post writing about frugality and all the lessons I’ve been learning from Amy, but I feel like I’d be leaving you out on the more significant things that have been going on in our lives for the past couple of weeks. So I hope you’ll bear with me in this hodge podge of posts. I’m not really sure where to start since there has been so much going on, but I guess we’ll see where it goes.

For starters, last week we visited Glen’s grandfather to celebrate his 83rd birthday (that’s where one of my six quarts of home grown/home made spaghetti sauce went). Glen could write a whole post about his Gramps. This man is full of good character and an inspiration to us folks. He’s full of stories and ideas, caring and ethics. Glen really does look up to him and I know he hopes to be much like his Gramps when he grows older. And it is because of this that we get such pleasure from sharing our children with him on these special ocassions.

Glen’s step-grandmother is also a joy to spend time with. She is loving, creative, content, a hard worker, and best friend to Gramps. And she makes a cozy place to take a nap!

Back at home, Glen has been working on his newest instrument, a ukelele. At first he was going to fix up his store-bought one, which has been adopted by Nemo and roughed up a bit. But of course, once he is inspired, Glen jumps head first into a fun project and he collected materials from the old ukelele and another instrument project long abandoned to make this new, beautiful ukelele. Glen could also write a post on this, explaining where all the pieces and parts came from and their significance, the process of creation, and the joy he gets from creating musical instruments, but suffice it to say, this beautiful peice of work has been giving a lot of tender loving care and when it is finished I look forward to hearing it played. In the meantime, here is a video of him playing his old ukelele.

The garden is almost done for the year. All that’s left is carrots, onions, and a couple cukes. It wasn’t as abundant as we had hoped, and I’ve learned some lessons for next growing season, but as my grandfather reminded me, you can’t gain anything if you don’t try. And so we enjoyed fresh garden produce for many dinners, not enough to preserve, but our bodies were better nourished by the work and the food.

On the other hand, I’m still harvesting herbs. Last week my latest infused oil was finished aging and I made a salve out of it for treating wounds other than diaper rashes. This one was made from comfrey, yarrow, and skullcap. Glen has had success using it for the dandruff he gets in his eyebrows, and we’re also experimenting on one of his coworkers who has a case of poison ivy the worst his doctor has ever seen. I sure hope it does him some good!

In the closet are my first tinctures which will be aging for a few more weeks. One is yarrow in vodka, the other is skullcap in vodka. The skullcap is good for many things nerve-related. For example, headaches, insomnia, and muscle tension. It is also a pain reliever, though I think a skullcap tea or infusion might be more effective for wound-related pains, I’m not sure. As for yarrow, the only thing I know of so far is that the tincture can prevent and cure urinary tract infections and kidney infections. Of course I’ll be doing more research to find other uses. I’m almost ready to harvest the rest of the herbs and dry them as they seem to be aging now in the cool, dry weather. Then I’ll be able to make teas with them as needed.

And the most time consuming project Glen and I have both been working on the past couple of weeks is rearranging our house. I hinted at it on my post, Tightwads in Training, but we decided to close off our upstairs bedrooms and only use them for storage. This way we will reduce our heating costs for the winter, and get used to living in a smaller, more simple space. The kids still have their own room, as do Glen and myself. We’re not quite ready for communal living! But there are some immediate benefits which we’ve discovered. For example, when people come to visit we usually end up sitting in the dining room, even though we had a living room with more comfortable seating. Now that Glen’s and my bedroom is in the livingroom, we’ve moved the couch into the diningroom. Now instead of trying to usher people out of that area, we’ll be more comfortable where we more naturally host. We’re almost done with this, I still have to clean up the kids’ new room  and we’ll soon be replacing our 8′ x 4′ table with a smaller one, but when this is done I’ll be sure to share some pictures.

There, I did it, I rewrote the whole post in only 40 minutes. Not bad!