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The epic D-Ration

by Papa

Here is a fun little treat I found online searching for some survival bars. It is called the D-Ration, and it was made popular amongst the troops during WWII. This started in 1937 when U.S Army Col. Paul Logan ask Hershey to develop an (energy/emergency) bar meeting his four requirements. Which are:

1. it weighs 4 ounces
2. be high in food energy value
3. be able to withstand high temperatures
4. taste a little better than a boiled potato

So  knowing a potential government contract could bring in huge money, Hershey and his chief chemist Sam Hinkle got straight to work on the task. Using common chemicals know to us as; chocolate, sugar, oat flour, cacao fat, skim milk powder, and artificial flavoring they scientifically designed a high-tech power bar. Unlike soilent green D-Ration did not contain people, or at least it is not listed in the ingredients. However, the Army did welcomed this new bar and by the end of WWII a whopping 3 billion had been sent to soldiers.

I should mention that D-Ration was altered slightly in 1945 to have a sweeter taste because the troops were detesting them so. “Hitler’s Secret Weapon” was one nickname they gave to it until the alterations were made. To say the least, D-Ration did become popular and owns an epic history that no other emergency bar has.