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My new (old) clothesline

When we moved to our homestead four months ago, Papa uprooted the clothesline posts to bring with us, but for the first three months we spent $6 a week drying laundry at the laundromat. Embarrassing, I know.

You know what they say, that if a woman can’t get her husband to do something, all she has to do is throw it together herself and then he’ll feel compelled to do it right (which is her intention all along). So, I got tired of spending money on a dryer and threw this clothes line up, with a few ends around scraggly trees, and the other ends I attached to the water tower with spring clamps. If my intention was to show him how poor a job I could do, I succeeded with an A+ (and it actually wasn’t intentional).

Perhaps to prove how bad a job it was, hurricane Irene knocked over the water tower… and down came the clothesline.

Would you believe it?! Just a short time later I had my real clothesline planted in the ground.


Isn’t it beautiful? Thank you Papa.