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on watching my tongue

This post began its journey on an evening a few weeks ago when Papa and I were discussing some event in the news and I was frustrated. I was frustrated, not so much with the insanity of the event, but frustrated because I was feeling the need to watch what I say online about these worldwide events in order to protect my family. And I started thinking about how much our first amendment right has been under attack, to the point that a family discussing their opinion on the need for justice can easily end up being targeted for their constitutional and libertarian beliefs.

So, forgive me for my blunt language and for venting periodically, but if I am to be honest with myself and you, I must speak on behalf of our freedom. I will try, somewhat, not to upset people, but the fact remains that some things just need to be said. Someone needs to speak up for those without a voice. Someone needs to stand up for what is right and true. Because, what will come of our world if we grow so afraid to speak (simply to speak!!) that we keep our mouths shut and let evil run unchecked?


I am so tired. So tired of pussyfooting around “sensitive issues”, trying not to offend anyone when talking about dangerous, oppressive, socialist government. I’m tired of pretending life goes on normally, as if it doesn’t exist. I’m tired of trying to be careful of what I say out of fear that someone will try to find something they can take issue with us. I should be able to say whatever I damn well please without fear of someone knocking on my door and threatening me and my children; I’m not breaking any laws, and neither are the majority of Americans who subscribe to these ideologies.

Think about all the “little” things that people want to be blind to, hoping for some pretense of normalcy in their lives – police officers (defenders of the peace) are raping women, Obamacare is going to put paycheck-to-paycheck families on the street, the FDA is illegally harassing and arresting raw dairy distributors, DHS says gun owners are terrorists, the NYPD wants to put naked body scanners on the street corners (violating your 4th amendment right) to make sure you aren’t using your 2nd amendment right, and right now, a couple in Indiana are facing jail time for saving a baby deer from certain death (the additional stories on that link are sure to make your jaw drop), and those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head! And yet we’re told to just bend over and take it!

Oh wait, it’s “just turn off the radio and life will go on!” as if putting this imaginary bubble around ourselves will make the injustice going on around us disappear, and we can go on believing life is great, even though our lives are controlled by others who are completely evil.

There are a lot of crazy things going on in our country right now – we are fast losing our freedoms to control freaks, and even though we know how we want to spend our days as a family we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to do it without a fight. In some ways that is a scary thought for us (as it should be for anyone) but like I’ve said here before, all we want is for our family to live in peace, together. If we have to fight for that right, so be it. May God grant our family the strength and resolve it will take to find our way to the other side of the coming revolution.

Some of you have been thinking of similar things. You’ve been thinking about the past, of how much you care about your family, concerned you will not be permitted to do what’s best for yours for much longer, similar to the path Russia and Germany have taken. Remember this, we live on free ground. The land of the free. It’s being threatened – your freedom, your God-given rights, your way of life. We all must remember that our families are what is important, and be ready to defend them from oppressive government, together. If we all stand up for what is right, if we all stick together, we will get through this. We will replace our evil government (R and D alike) with good men, we will survive, and we will pass on a legacy to our children, just like the founding fathers did in their day.

And I believe it starts with admitting the fact that our government has stage four cancer. We can’t kill the sickness if we won’t first admit that it is there. Even worse, if we don’t admit it and do our part to cure it, that cancer will kill our free republic. There will be no normalcy left if we ignore the disease and let those with money and power decide our future for us. Such individuals (and no, I’m not singling out the president) have a different plan in mind, one that involves a complete paradigm shift about the very purpose of our country.

But if enough of us stand up and say hell no, the government will be forced to remember that this country is based not the judgement of a select few, but on the people themselves. If we want to have a say in our future, we must remind them of that regularly, and we must encourage each other to remember that, no matter the subtle lies they spew through the media. No matter what you hear, this country still stands on you, and me, and all the rest of the citizens of this country. We still have the right to speak up for truth, we still have the freedom to rebuke injustice within the system, and we must do so. It is our duty to our country, and our freedom depends on it. Please, if you haven’t exercised your voice, start using it. We all need each other in this fight over the future of our country.

how libertarianism changed our worldview, pt 2

Last week I presented a theory that the reason we are not able to live simply like the Ingalls family is because we have taken freedom away from each other. A few of you commented in agreement, but man, I’m just gettin started!

There is an oft quoted statement by Benjamin Franklin,

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

We now live in a culture that believes the opposite – that we cannot have freedom if we want to live in a moral or safe country. But in our effort to control our government and a myriad of lifestyles, we have given up that which protects our own lifestyles, and the simple lifestyle some of us dream about – Freedom.

Libertarianism, the solution I presented at the end of last week’s post, is at its root all about freedom. The sort of freedom our country once knew, in which government was limited, and stood only to serve the country’s most basic needs, such as safety in numbers from other countries wanting to conquer and divide us. The education system, the IRS, the healthcare system, the homeland security group, none of these existed, nor did anyone care to have them because they knew they could care for each other just fine without the federal government telling the individual states how to manage their own business.

Somehow, a limited number of people and groups gained footing in the government and convinced the rest of us it was good for our well-being. And while the federal government does have a role to play, they have caused so much pain, turmoil, death, and ruin to American families, our soldiers, and innocent people in other countries – and we don’t care anymore because it doesn’t feel like it affects us! Do you realize how pathetic that is?!

But it does affect us.

If we took our freedom back today, in every area of our lives to which it belongs, the inalienable rights (which means “not transferable to another or capable of being repudiated”) we speak of without caring of their value, we would have that simple life we so crave.

Speaking from the perspective of my spiritual beliefs, there are certain behaviors that are not good for me to have, but unlike some who think they must make moral behavior law, I believe it is not within my spiritual values or citizen duty to force such behavior on other people. What point is there in making someone who doesn’t share my faith act like I want to act? Will that somehow make me think they share my faith? Does it offend me when I see others behaving as I choose not to?

Or, turn it around the other way. Say you have a completely different spiritual belief than myself. Should you be able to legalize your moral behavior, make me act like you, so it makes you feel better?

The way our country is supposed to be set up, everyone has their personal freedom to believe and behave how they will, as long as their actions do not impede the freedom of someone else. That is libertarianism in a religious format, just one example of how we can all live peacefully in the same country by respecting our differences and similarities, valuing the freedom we share, and making damn sure the government stays where they belong.

Try this as a last example of the difference between libertarian and party line world views. Papa and I have chosen to create an off-grid homestead. We value this decision for personal reasons, but do we believe it is the ideal? A lifestyle others should be striving for too? Should we vote to mandate specific aspects of our lifestyle so you have to live like us?

I hope you know the answer to this one… NO! It does excite me to find others who choose off-grid homesteading for reasons similar to our own, but none of our family or local friends have chosen this path, and we respect that. Isn’t that the beauty of living in this country? Well, I should say, as long as we can keep our country this way. We’ve been losing those freedoms for a while now.

I’m doing this backwards, but now that I’ve shared a few examples of how libertarianism has changed our world view, it’s probably high time I defined the term.

The most popular definition is the political party, wherein a group of people believe in the constitutional trinity of life, liberty, and property. (No, that isn’t a typo. The original wording of our natural rights as written in the Bill of Rights does include property. It was changed because some believed saying property would indicate the right to own slaves, so it was changed to the pursuit of happiness, which in those days included property. But I digress.) And that trinity of rights neccessitates freedom from oppressive government.

Papa and I are both highly opinionated, but while our libertarian values do not really say, “whatever floats your boat”, we uphold the above definition while also saying, “we will respect our neighbor’s right of privacy for lifestyle choices, and we expect that to be reciprocated”. This concept is clearly included in a libertarian world view.

And like I said in the first part of this post, such a world view applies well to all areas of life. It doesn’t mean you try all religions, all types of housing, or parenting styles, or bad habits, just we can be “free and easy”. Not at all! Each person and family with a libertarian world view has clearly defined boundaries and personal values, but we learn to respect each other, recognizing that trying to control each other is only harmful (unless someone else is harming our own life, liberty, or property), and that by respecting each other we can work together to maintain a limited government that meets our basic needs for authority.

Six years ago we were die hard republicans. Today we are just as strong libertarians. To detail the journey would be a tad difficult because it is hard to nail down exactly how it happened, but in a nutshell we went from voicing our malcontent in our world views to each other, then we became a bit more receptive to what other people had to say about government and culture, we processed it together, discussed the concepts with family and friends to test these ideas, and within two or three years (no one said it is an easy thing to change world views!) we had completely different views than when we started examining them.

Two or three years is a long time in the moment, but looking back we realize that those reformative years were integral to the lifestyle we have now, in which we are very happy.

Perhaps you are a republican or democrat and  you like it that way. That’s fine. Really! Just so long as you don’t tread on my rights of course! But if you have been voting party line and touting party values and something just doesn’t feel right about it, I want to tell you something.

Have courage. It is not easy to question your world view, to pour water over it to acknowledge where the holes are. That can be scary to do, especially if you’re afraid those you love might think you’re crazy for changing.

But you can do it. It is okay to reevaluate and adjust your beliefs, it is good to question. At the very least you will be stronger in the beliefs you already hold, but maybe you will decide differently like we did, and that’s okay too. You should be confident in your beliefs and values, and I believe you will find that a libertarian world view respects everyone, and protects our freedoms. Even now I am willing to listen to someone’s differing opinion, but it seems that liberty, the libertarian foundation, is the strong base for all opinions and values. While you are free to disagree, it just makes the most sense.

And finally, if you’re still reading, (thanks for sticking around this long!) an invitation. Why did you decide that your political beliefs made the most sense? Why didn’t you choose a different world view? Please share your story in a comment to encourage other readers. Thank you!

how libertarianism changed our world view, part one

Take Little House on the Prairie, a childrens series that seems to be respected as an ideal – a family, living peacefully on their own land, living self-sufficiently, raising their children, and glorifying God in how they lived. I hear people talk about the Ingalls family as if they wished to live that way – “If only it were that easy”, if only we could just give up x, y, or z to make it work, then life would be simple and we could stop to enjoy the flowers.

We Americans have everything so backward.

For one, living self-sufficiently is not “a dream life” anymore than working in a manufacturing plant. At least not in that sense that it is somehow easier than other lifestyle. Anyone who has read the series (or experienced such a life themselves) knows that living self-sufficiently is a lot of work. But that’s not what I’m trying to get to here.

Right after I hear the “if only’s” I hear the rules – “what about codes?” “what about the law?” “what about the government?” What about them?! Back in the day of Pa Ingalls, even he spoke of government intrusion, but now the feds have taken up so much space that folks today can’t imagine doing anything without permission from elected servants. Not letting your kids share a bedroom, riding a bike without a helmet, parking a camper, cooking supper over a fire, or even planting a garden.

Because, you know, you could be harming the economy by growing your food instead of buying it at the store. No joke, that argument (if you can call it that) has been used against small farmers in our country while they were being shut down.

Whatever happened to our wonderful country? A place where we could use our ingenuity, energy, and dreams to create a better place for our children, and enjoy life while we’re at it? Some argue that we gave it away. I say, we took it.

What happens when your neighbor says he wants to put up a fence between your properties? Do you talk to him about it or complain to the town? What happens when a neighbor stores junk in his yard? Do you ask him what he plans to do with it or do you demand new town codes? What happens when you decide you don’t like gay rights, prayer in schools, vaccinations, beer, or home birth? Will you vote more laws against those things too?

(FYI – We don’t necessarily endorse each of those things, but we absolutely do not believe the government belongs in the business of deciding these matters for us.)

We haven’t given our freedom to politicians – we’ve taken it away from each other, we’ve taken it away from ourselves. We have taken our children’s freedom away in exchange for a hand in controlling how other people live. Did you hear me?

After Papa and I realized that republican values did not make any sense, and that their party was just as messed up as the democrat’s, we began to see how freedom, true freedom, could have such a huge positive impact on our country. It applies to every area of life I have tried it on so far. We learn to respect others life decisions, and they respect our own. We bark down someone’s neck for their choices, and they harp on us for ours.

When pioneers came to America they risked their lives for freedom, freedom from all sorts of oppressions, but they knew they couldn’t raise their children in a world where they could not live free of government tyrrany.

And now we find ourselves coming to the realization that the federal government has their fingers in every area of our lives – our health, our education, our marriages, our travel, our homes, our parenting, our self-defense…. and we can’t imagine living without the red tape. But then we turn around and vote for A because they will get federal loans to fund our teachers unions, or for B because they will vote to outlaw marijuana, or for C because they will mandate construction workers to be licensed. We are literally screwing ourselves.

And it gets worse! Because we know deep down that getting government involved won’t fix our problems. Seriously, when has that card ever worked? We just do it, because our pride thinks we might get the last say in controlling our neighbors.

Libertarianism (not to be confused with “libertarians lite“, great article by the way) works politically, but also socially, economically, and spiritually. Ten years ago Papa and I were such staunch republicans (it’s almost embarrassing to say that) we would have been shocked to see where we stand today. We haven’t always been in support of freedom for all. At one time we both wanted to dictate what our neighbors could and couldn’t do. We even thought the war on terror would actually help innocent people, and now I shudder to think we believed that bull.

But we all learn, we grow, and we change our believes according to what we are ready to hear and understand, and that has brought us to value freedom. Because this post is running a little long, and I’ve hardly begun to talk about how this all applies to our lives, I’m going to stop here and come back to this topic next week, but please share your thoughts anyway!

our take on the 2012 election

This is completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but I just had to tell you how much our comments mean to me. Some of you share regularly (thank you!) and some of you prefer not to comment at all, and probably most of you are somewhere in between. But every once in a while a silent reader comments or emails and it makes me day! To be reminded that there are many of us across this country, trying to make a good life out of it without doing things the way we are told, only emphasises the community aspect of American Family Now. When you speak up and share your story, you are not only making me smile, you are blessing others who follow our blog. So please! Don’t keep silent! Your story counts too!

(pictures taken at home when family came to visit, including the kids sliding down the leach field rock pile on the turtle cover)

So, on to the topic for today. That blasted presidential election. ‘Bout sums up, don’t you think? Honestly I have come close to deciding not to vote at all this year because I have been so disappointed with all politicians. What happened to the good ole days when a handshake was good for a contract and people kept their word? I’m beginning to think we’ve dreamed up those good old days and that no man (or woman!) can stand up to the temptations given to authority figures.

There are two ways of seeing things. Papa and I once subscribed to the first way of thought. You trust politicians to say what they mean and mean what they say and you vote partyline according to your personal values.

Time has shown us however, that while such a way of government may have worked in the aftermath of the Revolution, when people were generally honest no matter their party, nowadays the parties we are given to choose from are about the same – Democrat, Republican, Green, Tea Party… Even constitutionalists are known to take a side with the big R or D unfortunately.

This leads me to the second way of thinking, in which you believe (as we do now) that all parties are the same, that you are forced into voting between two evils, and that the voting system itself is probably rigged by the super-upper class anyway. So what’s the point in trying?

It almost seems hopeless, believing the later, but in either case you lose. Either you blindly trust someone who screws you over, or you acknowledge you’re being screwed over. Which is better? You pick.

Actually, rather than leave you with such a negative thought, there are a couple of tricks, if you will, to consider. Methods which could possibly give Americans a better chance of getting their freedoms back.

One, you vote for the guy who is going to take more of your rights away. Sounds counter-intuitive, but some people think that this will trigger an outcry from angry and fed up citizens, resulting in an overthrow that will return all lost rights to their rightful owners.

The second is to keep voting out the incumbant, and in the new guy. In this case, you can’t consider your opinion, only that by voting out the current politician you have a better chance of not losing more rights in his or her second term. Out with the old, in with the new, every time.

Papa pointed out a third trick, which is to vote for the little guy, the third party. Sometimes it is the third party candidate who seems to have the best head on his shoulders, and while they are statistically less likely to win, you can make a statement about your dissatisfaction by joining others who vote for a third party to take away from the votes for democrats and republicans.

We believe that it would be nearly impossible to use the current legislative system to gut out the corruption. The constitution is honorable, but the people who run the government are not, and in order to make the constitution work you have to have decent people abiding by it.

This means you could vote for the lesser of two evils (the guy who takes fewer rights away) and hope that he postpones the utter destruction of America as we know it, or vote to your conscience and believe he or she will make a difference, but it comes down to a necessity of getting rid of corporate government and returning authority to the people where it belongs, or one day there will be no freedom. There will be no freedom. at. all.

What will you do this November? Forced with limited options, I think the more important question is – how will you live in light of this coming election? Will you accept whoever wins and abide by their version of law? At what point do we tell the whole bunch to beat it and open the race to all good men, not those who get the most money from big corporations and want to buy their way in to power.

Perhaps this race will get us one step closer to finding out the answer to that question, or perhaps the result will be more of the same old crap.

I thought about telling you how we plan to vote, but honestly I’m not even sure how I will vote at this point, and even if I did it probably wouldn’t do any good to tell you.

In the end, should you vote? Yes. How? I can’t tell you that, only that we all need to do some serious thinking about the future and how we can make a positive impact on our government, both in how we vote, and how we live.

The Freedom to Make Bad Decisions ~ Guest Post by Ryan@TSLRF

The following article was reposted with permission from Total Survivalist Libertarian RantFest. What Ryan has to offer is perfectly in line with our beliefs about the political world, and this post was just one example!


Alternate Title: Libertarians and Puritans
I am typically a pretty concrete writer. I write about things I have done, things I am doing or the like. I am far more likely to be talk about how to pack a bag, ways to get in shape or how to improve your finances than some philosophical or political stuff. These are my strengths and the things that typically interest me so I play to them. Today we are going in a whole other direction. I posted a picture recently (probably a couple weeks or even months by the time this posts)that basically said if you don’t want people telling you what to do don’t try to tell them what to do and it brought a lot of discussion. I replied to folks in the comments section but it got me thinking.

The thing about freedom is that it isn’t just about good decisions.  In fact I would argue that it is mostly about bad ones. Also there is the thorny issue of which omnipotent power decides what exactly constitutes a good decision and what gives them the right to tell anybody else what to do.

Everywhere you go there is some darn politician or expert who wants to be able to tell people what to do. Now I like experts. I have a money person, a weight training person, a conditioning person, some tactical training people, etc. The thing is that I choose to solicit their advice and follow it if I want to, for as long as I want to. If someone wants to tell me what I HAVE TO DO that is an issue for me.

Who the hell do they think they are? Why are they so inherently superior to me that they can tell me what I have to do? If their argument was actually convincing I will probably have gone along in the first place and they wouldn’t need a regulation or a law at all. I don’t think anybody has my best interests at heart more than I do.  More to the point if I am doing something that isn’t clinically and scientifically perfect but I really enjoy it then why should they get to tell me that I can’t? It could be smoking or drinking or eating ice cream or whatever. If I want to spend my time and money on something to try and bring some enjoyment or happiness to my life it really isn’t anybodies business.

Look at the First Amendment to our Constitution, freedom of speech and religion and a bunch of other stuff. You never hear about a freedom of speech case where a nice woman said something polite to her friend. Freedom of speech is about Larry Flint offending just about everyone and the Westborough Baptist “church” spewing ignorant  hate at military funerals. These things are offensive to any reasonable person.

Not many people would like to have Larry Flint over for Sunday family dinner.  Pretty much everybody hates that “church” full of idiotic hate mongers. If 20 rough men with ax handles showed up at their next funeral protest and cracked some skulls I would be fine with that, and I don’t think I would be alone.  The thing is that the freedoms built into our governmental protect those idiots. This is a good thing. It is built on centuries of accumulated customs and philosophy which culminated in the great nation of America. Really if you want to get deeper I believe these rights come from God.

The point of freedom is that you can do what you want unless it infringes on somebody else directly. Not “well studies show” or “second order effects of” or “society” but directly. Obviously Rapist Jim’s desire to rape doesn’t allow him to infringe on Suzie’s right not to be raped. More to the point as long as I am not threatening, menacing or vulgar I can tell anybody what I think of them at any time.

 I can quit my job and start hitchhiking around the country like some 50’s beatnik. If I could physically do it I could smoke a whole carton of cigarettes in a day. I can wear my shoes on the wrong feet and tap dance in the rain. I can borrow money I know I shouldn’t for stuff I don’t need.

All of the things I talked about are stupid. Quitting my job to chain smoke cigarettes and hitchhike around the country tap dancing in the rain while running up a huge visa bill would be stupid all around. The point simply put is that it is my life and I am free to do with it what I wish, good, negligible or bad.

I can bust my hump, save like crazy, start a business, invest wisely and then make huge money or I can get a shack in the woods, have a still and some chickens and get drunk in a hammock during the summer and a recliner in the winter.  It is my life to do with what I wish.

The thing about freedom is that it doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. I am free to tell a 6’8” 400 pound biker covered in prison tattoos that black leather and motorcycles are just a sad cry for help based on impotence, homosexual tendencies and mommy issues but I doubt that would end well. I am free to tell my boss what I really think of him and after that I would be free to find a new job. I am free to eat McDonalds twice a day every day if I want, and I will become obese and probably have a heart attack at 50. I am free to blow my earnings on gambling knowing full well the odds aren’t in my favor and if I play long enough losing is a virtual certainty but I have to deal with the after affects. I am free to neglect my family and start chasing cocktail waitresses but that is going to cause issues in my marriage and likely I would be doing it from a half empty studio apartment before long.

For everything we do there is a consequence or more accurately numerous ones. There are first, second and third order affects of everything we do if you look hard enough. Take enough simple little decisions like charging a nice dinner out or hitting the gym and skipping desert and they add up to huge things. 

To say you believe in freedom except for this that and the other thing doesn’t work. Really that is just “I am right and you are wrong”. To think that everything you believe is good should be allowed and everything you think is bad should be banned is the most egotistical and idiotic political philosophy out there. My son thinks that way. He will move things or throw them to suit his desires. He will hit people or try to move them or harass them if they don’t want to/ can’t pick him up or otherwise are bothering him. Whatever he wants is right and what he doesn’t is wrong. This is ok because he is a one year old and thinks the world revolves around him. Over the next few years he will grow out of this. I expect it from him so I don’t think it is too much to ask of adults.

That reminds me of the Puritans who fled England because they were persecuted and ultimately came to America, where they promptly persecuted anyone who didn’t believe exactly what they did. I find the comparison between the modern religious right and the pilgrims to be striking. They have strong beliefs and think they should be able to force you to have the same beliefs. Moreover they think they have the right to punish you if you do not have those beliefs. At least the pilgrims went to a new place to force everybody to act like them (though they did it because they were persecuted back home) unlike the religious right who think they can make everyone act like them wherever they are. 

My family is very socially conservative. This is for a lot of reasons but it boils down to us believing it is the right way to live. Other than the various sects that say we can’t have booze and have to do other wacky things we live a lifestyle that meshes quite well with conservative republican/ Christian standards. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that we choose to live this way; we don’t do it because somebody told us to or wants to compel us.

I have realized recently that I can’t even call myself a Republican with a straight face anymore even though I may (or may not) vote for them. There are probably some republicans who are not fascists or puritans but they have been keeping a low profile for awhile now. Is it too much to ask for a candidate who isn’t a shameless whore to big business (crony capitalism, not free markets) or an evangelical who wants to force me to live by his particular religious code?

I just don’t see why anybody has the right to tell me what to do with my own life, money and body and by logical extension I don’t get to tell them what to do with theirs. When it comes to some religious issues I do not see why it is any different. I’m certainly not going to live under Islamic law and someone who is a Buddhist or an atheist shouldn’t have to live under a set of rules they don’t agree with. Also I tend to think that religious issues get sorted out elsewhere.

I have a live and let live philosophy about other people’s beliefs and ways of life. This extends from whacky religious nut jobs and vegans all the way people into weird sex stuff, drug users and the like.  To paraphrase Commander Zero “I don’t really care if people have gay orgies while snorting a mountain of cocaine on top of rocket launchers as long as they do it on their own land and kids are not involved.”  It doesn’t mean that I approve of it, just that it is none of my business and as such I stay out of it. We all have to bite our tongues now and then but we get to do what we want, seems like a fair trade off to me. Also life is short and if a person thinks something will make them happy then I wish them the best.

In closing the freedom to make bad decisions is something I firmly believe in.


Editor’s note: Please check out Ryan’s blog! He has some great insights to offer and if you have beliefs anywhere similar to ours, I really think you’ll enjoy his writings.

Ron Paul comes to town

Mutual friends connected me with a woman in the area who had an unassisted birth last year. I have been looking for women willing to share their birth stories on my other blog during my babymoon, and S’s story offered encouragement and inspiration that I just had to share with my readers! So after meeting her briefly we scheduled a visit at her place to chat, and while I assumed we would have a few things in common, I was in for a big surprise.

I drove down her street looking for the one that would fit the right description, and low and behold, the one that matched had a huge Ron Paul banner on the fence! Oh please let that be her house! I silently hoped, and it was!

Long story short, thanks to the lack of media attention, it was only through this meeting with S that Papa and I learned the exciting news that Ron Paul was coming to town. The kids just happened to have a scheduled sleepover that night, and while it would have been a great homeschool opportunity it worked out well to attend the town hall-style event on our date night.

I’ve been telling everyone who cares to listen who refreshing it was to hear him speak for more than 20 seconds at a time, the equivalent of what he gets at the presidential debates. He is a wise man with mission, not just to spread a message of liberty but to win the presidency, and we are behind him 100%.

Papa and I love freedom. And Ron Paul is a true freedom fighter. Hearing him speak of bringing the troops home from all over the world, defending our borders, supporting the middle class, giving property rights back to the people, and ending the federal reserve, the internal revenue service, and the patriot act… you could just feel the energy of the people in that over-crowded room saying a big hell-yes! to overhauling the federal government, starting with a president who doesn’t bow to special interests and the party line.

Chants of “President Paul!” and “End the Fed!” greeted Ron Paul as he entered the room, and those of the crowd backing out into the parking lot who wished to stay longer were able to shake hands with the icon of liberty and have their pictures taken with him. We had other plans so weren’t able to, but it looked like most of the crowd was trying to line up as we were squeezing our way out!

Another really cool thing that happened, bringing attention to my discomfort with getting attention and at the same time pointing out the values and character of the people who attended the event, involved my blossoming belly. Who knew that a 7 (or 8?) month pregnant woman could attract so much attention?!

First, you have to understand, there were a lot of people standing in the room as there were not enough seats, or places to put them. Despite the fact we arrived an hour early we were plumb out of luck and ended up standing. After turning down a seat from a male friend in attendance, and a woman passing by saying she would grab a seat for me if she could, the man who would proceed to introduce Ron Paul came down off the stage and began looking for someone to offer me a seat! I wish I could remember his name… I told him I was okay, that there were a lot of people standing, and so on, but before I knew it, Scott D’Ambois, the man running against our anti-liberty U.S. Senator, had given me his seat! I figured I ought to sit down before I garnered more attention, but it did make me wonder – in what other audience I would be blessed with this attention?

Okay, enough of our experience, here’s a clip of the man himself speaking. Keep in mind, this was taken with Papa’s cell phone, so the sound isn’t that great. My appologies.


At least in the uSA we have freedom to worship at home…….NOT!

All I can say is that when they come kicking down your door without a warrant for illegal contraband (which is an appropriate double negative in this case) you have seen the writing on the wall. All of the goody-twoshoes Christian folk that believe it is an obligation to bend over grab their ankles and take it @&$?$+’*@?@ are going to wish they hadn’t. This is only a small county in state far away and has no impact on me but this is the stuff that spreads like wildfire. Remember the days of metal detectors at the airports? Now you get groped, finger raped, and shot with radiation. That my friend happened almost overnight. Remember papa’s forecast where I talked about government job holders would have targets on their backs especially the employees of lower holding authority.

These kinds of actions by an out of control government build up in people like a heavy metal in the body. There will be a day when a hell breaks loose as pent up frustration and decadent society explode like a fission reaction. Who will be there to control and fight this fire? Who’s head will the firestorm seek? Yes, it will be the frontline g-men; the cops, town officials, local politicians….

If you think I’m looney great. I hope you’re right. But I encourage people to honestly answer this question.
( is it in peoples gut to feel better or worse when a cop or politician dies?)

I know for sure that when I ask people that question the immediate responce is always lacking in compassion toward the government officials. I say this because I believe when at the honest core of peoples heart there is a deepening chasm void of compassion. It has and is becoming more and more of us vs them which is not condusive for healthy relationship.


God stands for Justice (not tyranny)

Not another one of those God rants, you’re probably moaning. Yes, I’m going to share my opinion once again on another religious issue.

So, turn on Christian talk radio and you are bound to hear the word justice tossed around, without giving it any real meaning. In today’s politically-correct world, you’ll probably hear it in reference to “social justice”, or involuntary charity. Or you may even hear that a Christian is being “just” when they forgive wrongs done to them.

Let’s get this straight. Justice is not about spreading the wealth around, and it’s not about letting bygones be bygones. God is the God of Justice, of assigning merited punishment where it is due, which is why He sent His Son to die on the cross. Malign the word and you are removing significance from the work Christ did on the cross.

While punishment for sin has been paid, consequences still remain. Examples fill the Bible of situations in which God intervened or approved interventions that brought violent justice to wrongdoers and protected the innocent.

And that brings up another issue because, along with redefining the word justice, many Christians have come to believe that “good” Christians are only peace-loving and mild mannered, and that the business of justice should be left to God and government.

Anyway. God used force all the way through the Bible, and nowhere did He say that when justice was needed that we should stand around looking dumb at each other, hoping someone else will do something useful, and then say justice was done. Christians can be so backwards sometimes.

Here is some food for thought:

“And what more shall I say? For time would fail me to tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David, and Samuel and the prophets – who through faith… enforced justice…” ~ Hebrews 11:33

“Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. You blind guides, straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel!” ~ Matthew 23:23-24

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” ~ Micah 6:8

“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” ~ Isaiah 1:17

He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.” ~ Psalm 33:5

“You shall appoint judges and officers in all your towns that the Lord your God is giving you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with righteous judgement. You shall not pervert justice. You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and subverts the cause of the righteous. Justice, and only justice, you shall follow that you may live and inherit the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” ~ Deuteronomy 16:18-20

God is not a wimp, and He doesn’t want us to be wimps. He expects us to stand up for things that are right and to speak up when things are not right. Stand for justice!

This applies today because we are living in a very interesting time period. Our country, which once stood for freedom and justice, is now becoming tyrannical. Actually, it has been tyrannical for the past 150 years or so. Families are in danger of having their rights taken away by the United Nations, the Feds are putting more and more restrictions on gun ownership, and even the seemingly little things like mandatory vaccinations, the Patriot Act, and giving travelers a choice between killer radiation and sexual molestation; these are but a few of the areas where justice is not being served, and those who do stand up for justice are punished!

We need more people to do what’s right, and that includes Christians. If you are a Citizen of the United States of America, you are obligated by the Constitution to become involved in your government and say no to tyranny. Without the people taking a stand we will lose more and more of our rights, little bit by little bit.

I could go on about how we can stand for justice, because this is an important issue to our family, but I just wanted to point out the crucial piece, that believers in Christ have just as much reason and obligation to stand for justice as any other citizen. The same people who cry over the fact that this country was founded by Christians and yet it has strayed so far, feel they can’t do anything more than vote for a Christian who will enforce their values on others. That is not what justice is about! And we’re talking about our very freedom here! Isn’t that important to you?

Thought for the day

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. ~ Goethe

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