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planet infowars

Alex Jones restarted his social media site and we’ve created
a profile there! If you are anything like us you would appreciate checking out
the website and creating a profile yourself. Already I’ve met some likeminded
folks I look forward to getting to know. People who think for themselves and
are back-to-the-family, back-to-the-earth, minimal government type folks.

If you are fed up with the government stepping on your toes,
with a social system set up to separate families (churches, schools, the
medical system, and other parts of the social system included), and with being
ill-prepared for an uncertain economic future, you should check out Planet

Planet Infowars is similar to Facebook, but intended for
those who question the way things are and want to make them better. There are
groups for every topic, and if you don’t see one you want you can make your own
and invite friends!

So hop on over to our profile and if you make one, be sure
to invite us as friends!

3 places to get the real news

If you can’t trust the media to tell you what’s really going on in the world, but you want to know what’s going on so you can make decisions on how to live your life well in a reckless society, here are three places you can visit to get the real know-how on what’s up with the United States.

1. InfoWars ~ This has been our go-to spot for a few years now. You’ll find links to articles by CNN, Fox, and other mainstream news sources that get hidden in the fine lines of their web pages – news they really don’t want you to see, but is happening in your backyard nonetheless.

2. JudgeNap ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano has been a respected figure in our country, and is unfortunately one of the few political figures who will tell it like it is. Check out his site for the real deal on spun news.

3. Russia Today ~ Pretty sad when you have to listen to news about your own country from across the sea in order to hear what’s going on behind the politically correct crap you get from our “trusted” news sources, but at least someone is speaking up!

Do you have a trusted source that doesn’t put a spin on the news? Please share!

TSA workers dying of cancer

Naked body scanners causing TSA workers at airports to develop cancer. Is anyone really surprised? The amount of radiation far surpasses the amount most people are exposed to at the hospital, and doctors across the country have posed their concerns over making the naked body scanners a mandatory checkpoint at airports, train stations, bus stations, and even highway checkpoint. Not to mention it is completely unconstitutional. Say no to the TSA!

Cancer Surges In Body Scanner Operators; TSA Launches Cover-Up.

The People Win Again!

Last week I wrote about a New Hampshire couple who had their baby taken from them 16 hours after she was born, based in part upon their political beliefs. This Tuesday Papa and I decided we had done enough talking about it and since they lived nearby, we made plans to attend the Oath Keepers protest at the courthouse while the hearing for the custody of the baby took place inside.

This was really the first time we participated in a protest, and Papa even made signs the night before for us to carry (seen below). The funny thing is, when we told Buddy about our plans, he asked if we could make a “stop the government” sign, so Papa incorporated his idea into one of his own and Buddy proudly carried it!

Why did we go? Because if no one stands up for the rights of the people, the government will continue to remove those rights one by one. Stating gun ownership and belief in the constitution as a reason to take one’s child away is a scary thing, and only a short few steps away from a socialist government.

While there we met some very nice people, they were all friendly, and there were other young children in attendance. Everyone was like-minded in demonstrating that the right of a person to carry firearms and participate in a political organization is not to be threatened by the government by punishment of child abduction.

Unfortunately we only made it to the second half of the protest, but by the time we left, the hearing had been called to a close and John and Stephanie had already left the building. Because of  NH law they could not say what had taken place inside, but when we got home we started doing some research online and were delighted to find that their baby was returned to them!

We don’t know much about this family, so we have not tried to defend them. There has been a lot of talk about who John Irish is and why children would not be allowed to live with him, but then I learned some surprising facts that were leaked out. In a quick run down, this is what happened.

Last year, Stephanie and her two sons left her husband/their father and moved in with John Irish. The state found that John Irish had a history of physical abuse and removed the boys from her custody. This is why their newest baby was also removed from their custody.

But then it was discovered that the NH child protective service had made a boo boo – John Irish was not John Irish. There are two of them apparantly, and the John Irish we have recently come to know, although he does have firearms in his house and did participate in an Oath Keepers online forum, has no history of domestic abuse, compared to the other John Irish who does. The state got the two mixed up and removed three children from this household because they believed the children were in danger. Turns out, he’s a pretty harmless guy.

So now, I am VERY pleased with the result that the court decided to admit their fault and return the baby to her rightful parents. John and Stephanie are still trying to get custody back for the two boys, and perhaps since this has all come out the court proceedings will move more quickly on this case. We can only hope.

News reports

Here’s a video of the protest as well: