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The midwife comes to visit

Last week I had my first prenatal visit with my midwife, Susi. She came to our home and, since this is the first of my pregnancies she has been my primary midwife for, we reviewed my medical and obstetrical history.

She gave me a checkup, and we tried to hear the baby’s heart beat. Buddy got to turn the Doppler on and off! We couldn’t hear the steady thumping of his/her heart, but it did register on the Doppler screen as 146-160. That tiny little heart is beating so quickly!

She also had a picture that showed the size and development of our then nine-week old unborn baby. Girlie was quite interested and wanted to keep it!

We are of course planning our 3rd homebirth, so Susi and I also talked about who might be part of the birth team, and how we could give birth safely in our camper during the winter if that turns out to be the most affordable option.

I’m not “showing” yet, but I’ve been so bloated that I look like it! This is me at 10 weeks. Thank goodness for belly bands to make my cloths last longer!

Oh, and we chose nicknames for this baby, both for reference here and because we use nicknames at home. If we have a girl we’ll call her Chicky, and if it’s a boy we’ll call him Chap.