What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common


This is a great article by Chuck Baldwin about how most Christian sheeple followed Hitler instead of standing for moral justice and how the same thing is happening today. Even if you are not religious it still makes a good read.

I stand behind Chuck’s theological reasoning on governmental issues, but I do not necessarily agree onĀ  church doctrinal stuff.

One response to “What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common

  1. I completely disagree with the article. Liberty is not something we fight for. There is NOTHING biblical in that. Regardless of where a person lives on Earth, those who call themselves “Christians” either carry the true essence of Christ in their understanding or they don’t. People who foolishly follow a political leader who claims to be Christian are FOOLS. We were never told to follow politics. Politicians are OF THE WORLD. In our hearts, they are idols. We love them. Worship means to love. Love means admiration. Admiration is a form of worship. At least in our hearts. There may not be any conscious rituals or ceremonies involved. But we let them into our hearts. A place that only the Spirit of Christ should dwell. We can pretty much measure up just how Christ-led people are by what they do with their time. I imagine what Jesus or Paul would be doing. It likely would not be doing what we seem to do nowadays. And if I remember correctly, He said to “Follow me”.

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