4 Important Reasons to Keep a Pantry ~ Guest Post by Kim @ Homestead Acres

Kim writes at Homestead Acres, a blog dedicated to all things homesteading, homemaking, and even a bit of homeschooling and news. Useful how-to’s and thoughtful posts based on experience!


Our grandmothers knew the importance of keeping a well stocked pantry.  Over the years the practice has slipped for many people but there are many good reasons to keep your home pantry stocked.

 #1.  Versatility

If you have ever been in the middle of cooking and realized your out of one or more important ingredients you’ll know the frustration that can cause!  The time and extra money to head out to the store to pick up the needed ingredients can really add up.  Keeping staples on hand will help you to prepare quick and healthy meals for your family.

#2. Taking advantage of sales

Practicing pantry keeping helps you to take advantage of sales.  Grocery stores run loss leaders every week.  These are designed to get you in the door, in hopes you’ll buy “extras” while your there.  If you can start buying more of these sale items and rotating them in your food storage, you’ll save a lot of money by not paying full price.  You could also start keeping track of when your stores run their sales.  Many have schedules that they rotate on, this will help you predict when items you need will be coming up at a good price again.

#3.  Taking advantage of seasonal foods

The best prices for food are when they are in season.  This is because there is so much of it available.  If you can practice canning, dehydrating and freezing you can take advantage of this to store food for year round use.  You will save money by buying the produce at it’s lowest price, the quality will be the best and your home preserved food will taste better then preservative filled commercial food.

#4.  Preparing for disasters

No matter where you live natural or man made can happen.  We live in the snow belt where storms can shut down roads for a few days at a time.  Other areas are prone to flooding or hurricanes.  If you wait until an emergency has hit it is very difficult to find the supplies you need.  Many times IF you can make it to the store you will be met with empty shelves.  Just a few years ago we had one of the hardest winters for snow fall in our area.  At one point we were snowed in for a week!  When the big black out hit the Eastern Canada and USA our area was with out power for 3 days in a heat wave.  Many areas were out longer then that.   Knowing that we had a well stocked pantry with food and water gave our family peace of mind.

Food storage is a wonderful and practical tradition to revive.  It helps you to save money, gives you peace of mind and the ability to help others in need.

2 responses to “4 Important Reasons to Keep a Pantry ~ Guest Post by Kim @ Homestead Acres

  1. Excellent post. We rarely get snowed in for very but would be fine for a long time, just not have any manyf resh items. Hope it helps many others. I do all the things/reasons mentioned, but it’s a helpful post for those who don’t. Thanks for sharing.

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