5 posts we’ve enjoyed and recommend

Looking for some good reading material? While you’re waiting for my return of course :::smile:::: Here are five posts I’ve enjoyed reading and recommend you check out. These ladies are among my fav bloggers and you’ll find other great reads on their sites too.

1. Agrarian Freedom, and the Price Thereof ~ Shannon@Nourishing Days

Shannon writes: “Every now and then I daydream of showers and washing machines and flushing toilets, but then I remember one of the many reasons we are here… Freedom.”

2. Government Doesn’t Work! ~ Patrice@RuralRevolution, writing for WND Commentary

Patrice writes: “Whoever wins [the 2012 election] will still continue to trample on the Constitution, further regulate my life and pretend that rights come from regulations rather than from God – so what does it matter if it’s a Democrat or a Republican? They’re both the same. In fact, the logic of some particularly despairing conservatives is to vote for Obama so he’ll ruin the country faster and spark a revolution. I can almost see their point.”

3. Precocious Savi’s Plentifully Play-Packed & Painlessly Practical Preschool Plans ~ Beth@TheBrewCrewAdventure (with resources for preschool and kindergarten)

Beth writes: “Yet we’re taking our time enjoying the journey; for one thing I’ve learned is there’s no need for haste, and I don’t want to *rush* her.”

4. My Five Favorite Time Management Strategies ~ Renee@FunInMyBackYard

Renee writes: “I think it’s important to find a system that works for you and then be willing to tweak and change through each season.”

5. The Master Bedroom Tour…. Wait, is that a crib? ~ Carolyn @ TheMobileHomeMaker

Carolyn writes: “My bed. Where all the magic happened last September. If you’re ever really tired and want to close out the evening with company, just offer them to sleep in the bed you birthed your baby on. They’ll be in their car within seconds.”

4 responses to “5 posts we’ve enjoyed and recommend

  1. Thank you for the link.

  2. Ah, yes. The ole ‘gross ’em out with childbirth’ tactic. Thanks for the linky!

  3. Thank you for the linky-love (just found it)! I’m glad to *meet* you. :-)

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