3 places to get the real news

If you can’t trust the media to tell you what’s really going on in the world, but you want to know what’s going on so you can make decisions on how to live your life well in a reckless society, here are three places you can visit to get the real know-how on what’s up with the United States.

1. InfoWars ~ This has been our go-to spot for a few years now. You’ll find links to articles by CNN, Fox, and other mainstream news sources that get hidden in the fine lines of their web pages – news they really don’t want you to see, but is happening in your backyard nonetheless.

2. JudgeNap ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano has been a respected figure in our country, and is unfortunately one of the few political figures who will tell it like it is. Check out his site for the real deal on spun news.

3. Russia Today ~ Pretty sad when you have to listen to news about your own country from across the sea in order to hear what’s going on behind the politically correct crap you get from our “trusted” news sources, but at least someone is speaking up!

Do you have a trusted source that doesn’t put a spin on the news? Please share!

2 responses to “3 places to get the real news

  1. Love infowars!

  2. Honestly. I can hear the contempt in your writing which troubles me. Those websites are just more fear mongering websites that leads one right back IN the world.

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