100 things you may not have known about us

Here’s a fun post to start off the new year. Read ahead to see what you already knew about our family, and perhaps a few things that might take you by surprise…


  1. Is kynophobic (strongly dislikes wavy objects)
  2. Homeschooled as a child
  3. Was a member of the Civil Air Patrol
  4. Attended flight school
  5. Writes music
  6. Designed a tool he named The Square Up, and was pursuing a patent at the same time a man from France patented the same tool. Papa’s notes record that he designed the tool well before the frenchman patented his.
  7. Carpenter by trade
  8. Has one brother
  9. Passionate libertarian
  10. Mathematical and logical thinker
  11. Fascinated with survivalism since childhood
  12. Traveled to Spain and Ireland
  13. Prefers drinking from plastic cups over glass
  14. Allergic to cedar
  15. Built a 17 L.E.D. flashlight years before they appeared on the market
  16. Always admired carnival rides and modeling them with Lego
  17. Favorite food is Cheeze Its
  18. Favorite car is “any piece of crap that runs”
  19. Would like to change Christmas to February 7th
  20. Always wanted to live in a camper


  1. Grew up on an on-grid homestead complete with well and woodstove, gardens, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and other assorted animals
  2. Also homeschooled as a child
  3. Despized coffee until Girlie’s pregnancy
  4. Took piano lessons as a child and still thoroughly enjoys piano music
  5. Graduated top of her class at a private school
  6. Swam approximately 1/2 a mile at 36 weeks of pregnancy
  7. Has been a birth doula for nine years and aspires to be a homebirth midwife
  8. Published a book
  9. Was an office manager for three years
  10. Traveled to Ireland
  11. Has one brother, one sister, three step brothers, and one step sister
  12. Has been friends with one penpal for 15 years
  13. Volunteered at a local health institute for three years
  14. LOVES the sound of rain at night
  15. Big fan of chocolate
  16. Took horse riding lessons in 4H
  17. Enjoys creating beautiful things with simple materials
  18. Feels most comfy in a pair of jeans and a pony tail
  19. Not a picky eater, except when it comes to seafood. She even mixes leftovers together to make lunch for herself
  20. Appreciates a peaceful home more than time alone

Buddy, age 5

  1. People watcher
  2. Became interested in trains as a result of his obsessiveness with order
  3. Prefers classical music
  4. Enjoys designing train engine parts
  5. Favorite game is Angry Birds
  6. Love language is time
  7. Enjoys the outdoors, regardless of weather
  8. Only one of our kids currently overcoming their extreme picking eating
  9. Favorite shows: Thomas the train and Sid the Science Kid
  10. Aspires to be a train engineer
  11. Has 2 pet worms
  12. Favorite books are the Little House on the Prairie series
  13. Biggest city visited was NYC, as a baby
  14. Night owl
  15. Problem-solver
  16. Didn’t talk fluently until age 3
  17. Developed a friendship with an older neighbor as a toddler
  18. Walked before he crawled
  19. Gets tired of sweets quickly
  20. Calls soccor “football”

Girlie, age 3

  1. Adventureous, very little timidity
  2. The youngest of our kids to enjoy solid food, at six months
  3. Sensitive to temperature
  4. Corrects her improper grammer herself
  5. Wants to be a ballet dancer
  6. Enjoys trying big words in context
  7. (Obsessively) favorite color is pink
  8. Is proud of her “long” hair
  9. Builds Lego cars and houses
  10. Excellent at observing and making comparisons
  11. Overcoming her fear of dogs eating her
  12. Loves and adores babies
  13. Love language is touch
  14. Favorite shows are Curious George and Kipper the Dog
  15. Likes to sing her own songs
  16. Enjoys stories about princesses
  17. Draws a mean bicycle
  18. Biggest city visited was Boston, at one year old
  19. Prefers pen over pencil, just like her mama
  20. Has gone through a stick of chapstick in less than two days

Pal, age 22 months

  1. Enjoys mimicking Papa
  2. Has a birth mark on his shin of a few perpendicular lines
  3. Uses the word “hi” to express many things
  4. Has feet as big as his sister’s
  5. Straightens home on his own initiative, appreciates order
  6. Thoroughly disappointed when he can’t help Mama bake
  7. Opens his sandwiches to eat the inside first
  8. Enjoys carring heavy things
  9. The remote control capture more of his attention than the TV
  10. Can’t help but boogie when he hears music
  11. Favorite books feature animals
  12. Has recently developed a fear of bath tubs
  13. Favorite toys are real tools
  14. Enjoys stacking and sorting
  15. Great climber
  16. Likes to make friends
  17. First favorite food was steak
  18. Will not leave his pacifier willingly
  19. Once reprogrammed a walkie talkie to be voice-activated
  20. Climbs into his high chair for dinner time

So did you learn anything new? interesting? crazy?

4 responses to “100 things you may not have known about us

  1. Hi, I recently found your blog and have been following. Cynophobia is the fear of dogs and kymophobia is the fear of waves, but as far as I thought only ocean or sea waves and sometimes radio waves. I have never heard of fear of wavy objects, thats very interesting. Thank you for sharing your 100 things with all your readers.

  2. Prepared teacher

    What is love language?

    • My love language is quality time. My husband’s is audiotory. Love Language is the way you personally feel the most loved. I feel most loved when quality time is spent with me. My husband needs to hear affirmation of devotion, adoration, love……Some need physical touch, some require gifts/appreciation. Some need acts of service to feel loved. Here is a link for more understanding. http://www.5lovelanguages.com/ Blessings!

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