kissing unemployment goodbye

Eleven months and one day after Papa’s last day of work, he was hired for another woodworking company! That’s right, he’s back in the workforce, just one month before the state unemployment reimbursement would run out. What a blessing!

(photos in this post show some of Papa’s past work as a carpenter)

The company he is now working for is about 15 miles from our home, and coincidentally is the same company his dad was employed by for several years in the 80’s. Kind of neat that it has a generational twist!

The pay is not nearly as good as his last job offered, which means we still can’t afford the mortgage, but it is more than unemployment is paying us, so we should be able to save a little for another car (still borrowing one from family).

Papa will be using his carpentry skills, so he won’t have to learn a new trade, and the work that is required uses creativity; something that is very important to him.

We are very thankful, but it is also strange. No more late mornings, doing devotions as a family and seeing Papa off to his work outdoors or to do odd jobs for friends. Now he’ll be gone from 7am to 5pm every week day, as the sun rises and sets during the winter. Eleven months is a long time to be on such little income, but it has also been a blessing in some ways. We were just discussing how he has been home for more than half of Pal’s life, a precious gift to our young ones.

Some day we hope that we’ll be self-sufficient enough that our physical needs will be covered by odd jobs, leaving most of Papa’s time for family pursuits, but until then this new company is offering a chance for Papa to put his skills to good use, and the things we’ve learned over the past year will help us to save even more while he is employed. We are still planning to have an off-grid house built within two years!

Even though we are no longer unemployed, American Family Now will continue to follow the same direction it has – sharing our story as we learn to thrive in a poor economy, use our resources as wisely as we can, follow this adventure as a family, and hopefully encourage others along the way.

6 responses to “kissing unemployment goodbye

  1. So glad to hear things are looking up on the job front!!

  2. Glad he was able to find a job doing what he’s good at. Love reading about your life and family.

  3. Love your blog, looking forward to reading more. Good luck! I too am trying to convince the hubby to live off the grid. :)

  4. You all are just so amazing! Thank you for sharing your life/love-story with us! Wish we were neighbors! Being in this together with like minded folks makes this world so much easier to endure. May God plant in your path those who will be a blessing to your family and you to theirs.

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