living in small spaces ~ our bedroom

I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers, youtubers, and people I meet face-t0-face: people are getting fed up with cluttered lives and want to get back to a simple way of living. A life that is down-to-earth, home-focused, peaceful, etc. People are getting rid of stuff they don’t need, reorganizing their schedules and their homes, and sometimes even moving, in order to accomplish this strong desire to find deeper meaning for their lives.

On the other hand, sometimes moves such as these are not deliberate choices. Sometimes they are a result of job loss, health problems, or other unfortunate circumstances such as our own. However, this post is not about the philosophy of the meaning of life, or on how to reach the goal of finding it. This post is the first in a video series Papa and I are creating together to share with you how we have made the transition from big house with lots of stuff to small living space with just the things we believe we really need.

I chose our bedroom because it is on one end of our camper and I’ll move from that end to the other end as we work through this series. Feel free to share your thoughts and exeriences after you watch the video!

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