Why you should care that the media is lying to you

Glen and I have had discussions with people online, relatives, friends and others about government-related issues which often end with the other party making an argument that has really bothered me. They all say something along the lines of:

“There are so many bad things going on in the world, I just can’t handle knowing it all! So, I don’t care to know all of the truth because I prefer living just the way I do.”

This goes for just about every issue in a person’s life. Their health, their education, the spiritual beliefs, their home, their government. You name it, and there is a lot going on behind the scene that no one seems to care about. You know, I can put up with a lot of bull, but my number one pet peeve is people who are content being ignorant, saying they believe it really is bliss. But ignorance is NOT bliss. To quote from Nancy Cohen, ignorance is quite simply, ignorance. There is no getting around it.

Can we all just be adults here? Can we just take responsibility for our part in the life we live? Can we admit that although we don’t know all that goes on in the world, we can still do our part to make a positive change? Of course it’s depressing to know about the bad things going on, but if we don’t look at the bad, how can make the world better?! Are we just going to sit around and let the top dogs stay top dogs and do whatever they want with us while we sit back and hope they know what’s best and try to ignore them?!

Or, can we set aside ignorance, recognize the truth (about whatever the situation is) and decide to do something about it instead of huddling away in a corner and minding our own business? Because guess what, those at the top don’t mind their own business, and they are coming after YOU. Right now, we have people who are courageous, and are trying to tell us what is really happening behind closed doors so that we can we make better decisions for ourselves and our families, and make that leap to defend our neighbors, and even country, from that dangerous thing called ignorance, and far worse, those who want to be ignorant.

If it was an ideal world, we could all live in our own little spot and leave everyone else alone and believe what we want to believe and do what we want to do, but that isn’t how it works in the real world! When you ignore the family down the road who is getting their child taken away for bringing him to the ER after an honest accident, or when you vote for a politician who enacts laws forcing people to get licenses for building houses, or when you walk through that body scanner at the airport because “they told me to”, you are giving in. You are letting the bad guy take over, you are not providing safety for your family, and you are not helping your neighbor.

So, to clearly state why you should care that the media lies to you, I decided to give you a few specific ways that you can benefit from setting aside ignorance and acknowledging the truth. That is crucial, not only for your family’s wellbeing, but for this country to stay grounded in it’s foundation on the constitution and remain a safehaven for freedom lovers.

1. If you care, no one will be able to pull a fast one on you. You will see what is coming well before it arrives. If a tornado was going to hit your house, would you want to know before it comes so you can protect your family? Or would you just hope for the best and take whatever comes? The world banks have an agenda and a plan, but they can only destroy you if you ignore them.

2. If you care, you will see needs you and your family can personally fill. You will have the reassurance that when the trillions of dollars worth of debt results in super inflation, your children will have full tummies. You will have the reassurance that when the government funded schools tell your children that parents aren’t “modern” enough to know the green movement will prevent the earth from exploding, they will remember the government doesn’t have the right to tell them what to do. You will have the reassurance that when you lose your job and there are no left, that you will still have a home. You will be reassured that when gas costs $6 a gallon, you’ll have fuel outback which you paid only $3 for. You will be reassured that then the military is released on your street to take away your guns, you will have them safely hidden. And when you’re forced to be given an unproven vaccine to get medical care, you will know where else you can get medical care or how to care for yourself at home.

3. If you care, you can stand up for what’s right. Is a seatbelt law a “common sense” law or a “constitutional” one? Is the patriot act protecting you or enabling the government to know every secret you have? If you can’t tell the difference between an unconstitutional law and a constitutional one, and don’t know the primary purposes of government as described by our founding fathers, you cannot vote without harming our freedom. Common sense laws are a plank in the eye and we spend so much time focusing on how good the media says they are that we don’t see all the laws being passed by our congressmen and senators which are chipping away at our freedoms every day.

4. If you care, you can provide your children with a better country. You can choose not to participate in unconstitutional laws and programs which remove rights from you and your family, and dump debt on them that will enslave them to global banks. You can choose to use your time and finances wisely to provide them with a better future, not necessarily the future the media tells you is better. You can learn and teach your children skills which will protect you and enhance your quality of life, even if you lose your house, your job, your car, and the world looks hopeless. There is always hope, you just have to be proactive and trust yourself more than the media.

These are things you can only do when you care that the media is lying to you. If you don’t care, you’re screwed.

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