Snow, chickens, and other stuff

I come up with the most boring post titles. Anyway. Winter does strange things to chickens. At least ours anyway. We’ve been keeping them cooped up (ha ha) in their little house most of the time, being that it’s been about zero degrees for the past couple weeks. Even with the heat lamp and hay in their coop their water has still been freezing over night!

Well, a couple days ago it was warmer than usual, so Glen let them out for the day. Two of them stuck around but the other three decided to take a hike, and didn’t come back that night. Glen left the door to the coop open just in case, but it wasn’t till the next morning that he found two out front of the house shivering in the snow, and the third, well, she didn’t fare so well.

From what we can tell she was probably sitting in the road and during the night one of the neighbors backed over her. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say it didn’t look like she suffered for very long. Bummer, one more down and only four left. We’re looking forward to getting more chickens in the Spring, but at least we’re still getting about four eggs a day.

In more pleasant news, we’ve all been quite productive. Glen has come up with an estimate for work needed on another family member’s house and expects to have a materials list for our own cottage by the end of the day.

The kids have been bouncing back and forth between playing nicely together and being at each other’s throats, but have still managed to create some nice artwork and pick up some toys. Atlas stood up by himself for about ten seconds this morning!

And I’ve been scrapbooking for Atlas’ first year album, and purging the kid’s clothes drawers, which have been more than full, much of which was clothes they couldn’t fit into well anymore. Two more boxes for the yard sale pile.

On that note, if any of my friends are reading this, I’m on the lookout for boys clothes size 5, I’ve got smaller sizes if you want to trade!

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