Catchin Some Rays

I’m what you would call an indoors type of gal. Always have been. My mom used to have to command me to go outside with my siblings. Whether that was to make sure I got some sun or so she could have some space, I’m not sure :0) But either way, I’m usually more content reading or writing in some cozy corner of the house.

Getting sun, is to me, much like exercising. I whine about doing it, but once I’m outside I’m so glad I changed me mind. It feels so good, so refreshing, and always makes me feel accomplished.

I’ve been reading lots of good things about the sun lately. Not long ago I wrote a post on Birth a Miracle Services about a study showing that exposure to the sun during the winter is better at preventing the common flu than getting a flu shot, but that’s just the start of it!

The sun strengthens our lymphatic systems, our cardiovascular systems, our respiratory systems, our skeletal systems, and it even prevents cancers like colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Depression is less common among those who are regularly exposed to sun as well.

I admire my little boy. Nemo has always been a lover of the outdoors. I have a picture of him when he was not even two years old, sitting on a rock by the ocean just staring out at the deep blue in a contemplative way. The past couple days I have been taking the kids out to enjoy the sunshine before it gets freezing cold and I left Nemo out a bit longer after the rest of us went in (he often spends the afternoon outside while I watch from the kitchen window). When I looked out the window to check on him, I saw this…

One of the benefits of his intense personality is that he is able to focus on things he enjoys. I think that is one reason why, at four years old (and since he was much younger), he enjoys watching nature.

Anyway, I’ve been making a gradual move to a new goal. Especially as winter nears I find this important, but I want to make it a new habit to get sunshine on a regular basis. We’ve always gone on walks as a family at least once a week, usually several times a week in the summer, but winter is a toughy here in Maine and I want to do my best to tough out the cold this year and get as much sun as we can.

Here’s to a healthy winter!

3 responses to “Catchin Some Rays

  1. Hope you don’t mind – I just quoted this in a post in my environmental psychology class online. :-) You have so much to offer!

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