Lego Man

Yes, I know, this is my third post today, but I’ve got excuses you can be assured of that! like, my two older kids are at the grandparents, I don’t have time or the priority to post one of these every day, and I’ve got bigger ideas I want to post about soon.

But Glen took some pictures of his long time Lego project, that of course, MUST be blogged about, and me being the blogger, I get to write whatever I want about the pictures. Right?

Glen has been playing, oh goodness, I’d get in trouble for saying that. Let’s try again.¬†Glen has been building with Lego since he was a little, little kid. His first big project was this Lego carnival, for which he won a third prize in a national Lego contest.

And now, approximately 20 years later, his eldest son took this picture of him after the completion of his second Lego carnival, which I must tell you is so awesome you can even pack it up onto the trailers they were built onto!

This carnival which is like, two years in the making, consists of all the most staple¬†rides you would find at a carnival. They move, they pack up, they look just like the real thing, and they’re even color-coordinated!

Glen says he doesn’t know what it is about carnivals that he likes to build. Since I met him and long before he’s had a fascination with them, and until he had kids of his own he would much rather visit a carnival just to watch the rides in motion than to ride them himself.

Since he has also had a passion for designing and building with Lego, it makes perfect sense to me that the two interests naturally came together and made baby Lego carnivals! I promise you, I’m not this funny in real life (and I know your sighing in relief because that joke was actually really dry).

Anyway, I am very proud of Glen for acheiving his goal. I can’t tell you how many hours, days, weeks, he’s put into this, and surfing the web for the perfect picture from which to make his design, or to find just the right pieces he needed from a Lego parts store.

It really is a beautiful piece of art and reflects the playful and artistic sides of Glen.

P.S. After publishing this post the first time, I realized that the two pictures of Glen, from childhood and now, both were of him wearing Maine t-shirts! Funny coincidence…

One response to “Lego Man

  1. Awesome stuff, Glen! Great humor, Naomi!

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